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About Apleona Czech Republic s.r.o.

The company now named Apleona Czech Republic s.r.o. resulted from the merger of Scheu + Wirth Praha spol. s r.o. and M+W Zander Facility Management CZ s.r.o. We offer our clients professional and responsible management, complex system solutions and a wide range of services.

Our Services

Delivery and installation of systems for heating, cooling, sanitary, clean rooms, technical gases, sprinklers and BMS, including planning and execution documentation.
Complete services with regard to technical, commercial and infrastructural facility management. Services include inspection, repair, maintenance and servicing (during and after warranty), as well as fixing operational breakdowns.

Integrated Facility Management

Apleona Czech Republic s.r.o. provides Integrated Facility Management services utilizing its own employees in almost all areas of facilities.

We can offer technical, infrastructural, and commercial facility management, as well as all tasks connected with property optimisation.

Customers greatly benefit from these services thanks to low, long-term calculable operating costs, and the fact that all property related tasks are handled by an experienced and professional organization.

HVAC Services

Thanks to many years of experience in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, BMS) and the carefully planned, gradual expansion of our operations, we can offer the following range of services to our clients:

  • design and implementation of HVAC
  • operation, maintenance and service of HVAC
  • design, implementation and maintenance of Clean rooms
  • design and implementation of Sprinkler Systems
  • integrated Facility Management Services

Facility Management Consulting

As a system provider of services with years of experience in all areas of Facility Management, we can advise our clients extensively and comprehensively on how to operate their property in the most effective way.

Infrastructural Facility Management

The spectrum of services offered by Apleona Czech Republic s.r.o. ranges from securing a receptionist, to arranging postal services, to organizing entire moving projects. What sets us apart from our competition is that the customer only communicates with a single contact person throughout the duration of the project.

Infrastructural Facility Management provided by Apleona includes the following:

  • caretaker services
  • routine cleaning
  • glass surfaces
  • facades
  • outdoor equipment
  • development site cleaning
  • security services
  • central services
  • postal and forwarding services
  • copying and printing services
  • goods and warehouse logistics
  • winter services 
  • telephone exchange services
  • grounds maintenance
  • car park operation  
  • moving services
  • catering 
  • reception and entrance services

Energy Management

Energy management is characterized by its high degree of complexity and the vast experience necessary when planning for selecting, setting up, and operating energy management equipment. The primary objective is to meet all of the user's energy needs.


Apleona Czech Republic s.r.o.
Za Strahovem 19
169 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 233 090 520
Telefax: +420 233 090 529
E-mail: info.cz@apleona.com


Ing. Jiří Folta
Managing Director

Ing. Václav Košťál
Holder of Procura


Automotive Engineering

BEHR Group
BEHR Group, delivery and installation of HVAC, Facility Management

Continental Automotive Czech
Continental Automotive Czech, delivery and installation of HVAC

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ABN Amro Bank
AST Praha, delivery and installation of HVAC
ABN Amro Bank, Facility Management

Raiffeisen Bank
Raiffeisen Bank, Facility Management

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Hotel Kempinski Prague
Hotel Kempinski Prague, Facility Management

K+K Hotels
K+K Hotels, Facility Management

Four Seasons Hotels
Four Seasons Hotels, Facility Management

Radisson SAS Hotel
Prima Hradec Králové, delivery and installation of HVAC

Chemistry and Pharmacy

Philip Morris Kutná Hora
Philip Morris Kutná Hora, delivery and installation of HVAC

Budvar ČB
Budvar ČB, delivery and installation of Sprinklers

Office Buildings

BTP Chodov
PORR Praha, delivery and installation of HVAC
AIG Lincoln, Facility Management

COP Brno
PORR Praha, delivery and installation of HVAC
AIG Lincoln, Facility Management

PORR Praha, delivery and installation of HVAC
AIG Lincoln, Facility Management

Office Buildings

Slovanský dům
Bovis Lend Lease, delivery and installation of HVAC, Facility Management

Stará Celnice
Hochtief ČR, delivery and installation of HVAC, Facility Management

City Center České Budějovice
City Center České Budějovice, Facility Management

PORR Praha, delivery and installation of HVAC
DHL ČR, Facility Management

Parking Houses

Zelený Ostrov
PORR Praha, delivery and installation of HVAC
Zelený Ostrov, Facility Management

IT Companies

Dell ČR
PORR Praha, delivery and installation of HVAC
DELL ČR, Facility Management

T-Mobile, Facility Management